Our History

The first company was founded in Beirut in 1955 as a transit forwarder and local customs agent. As the business grew an office was opened at the border with Syria in the 60’s to accommodate the demand.

In 1975 the Lebanese Civil War broke out. Despite the danger and bleak economic times, our company survived unscathed. We are proud not to have taken part in the pillaging of the Port of Beirut, or any of the murky activities that went on during that time. This integrity is an essential part of our corporate culture.

In 1982 a separate company NASMAR was founded for ship agency activities for general cargo ships out of the Port of Beirut. This activity complemented the existing freight, customs, and transit operations.

In 1995 the decision was taken to create an entity that would encompass all existing companies under one roof; Saleh Shipping SARL was born.

During the coming years the business expanded to the niche market of navy ships, and logistics defence contracts.

In fact for many years Saleh Shipping has served NATO, US, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Turkey, Ireland and more. The services include husbanding services, ship chandelling, security, and logistical operations.

We have also provided logistical support to many contingents of the UNIFIL forces in South Lebanon for many years, and have developed very good relations with the relevant administrations and embassies.

In recognition of these services, Italy and Spain have both separately awarded Nassif Saleh CEO of Saleh Shipping with official decorations for outstanding support and merit.

With over 50 years of experience, we stand ready to tackle the challenges of the future with diligence and integrity.

Saleh Shiping has a long-standing commitment to quality and customer care.